Predators: Living All Around Us

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Being a student of psychology and criminology, I have studied predators in our society. I took up this study as a hobby when I was in my freshman year of high school; I became obsessed with the Jeffrey Dahmer circus. However, I was not obsessed in the way that many people become "fans" of the serial killer, but obsessed in a way that made me want to figure out what makes a person a predator. What happens to make them become this way? What do all predators have in common? Well, there is no easy definitive answer. Just as there are all types of predators, there are also many different reasons or "explanations" out there for why they become these human predators. The scariest part of all of this, though, is the fact that they are not easily spotted. They look just like us. In fact, we may speak to a predator every day for years, even calling him friend or co-worker, and never have any clue that he is a psychopath with a thirst for blood. He is charming, articulate, usually of average or higher intelligence, and often even handsome. Understand this, society: a predator does not appear to us as a monster. He appears as a nice, easy-going, trustworthy person who we would most often trust............
If you are going to read my blog, be aware that it is for a mature audience. When I start posting my stories, findings, and opinions about predators, it will be graphic. Once you finish one of my articles, you may find yourself checking all of your doors, and not letting your kids out the door without someone watching them........... because someone may already be watching your kid.......... someone unassuming with very dark intentions....... and he may be just out of sight waiting for the one moment when you are not paying attention. The world is an extemely big place when you are looking for your child or loved one in it. So please, if you cannot handle these types of stories, do not read my blogs.
Thank you for reading, and I look forward to writing and sharing with my audience.
April W.N.
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