Beginning of the End

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I remember the weekend prior to the July 12, 2002 horror. I was almost seven months pregnant. I was a mess- broke, depressed, and unsure what I was going to do, or how I was going to take care of my son when he came. I never thought of giving him up, but I knew that the life I'd led was not one for a good mother.

There in Alabama, I was a bikini dancer at a small club, and worked security jobs as well. I was almost hired at the nuclear plant, but when they found out I was a stripper, they wanted someone with more "moral values". Funny enough, I was dating one of the guards, and two of the people in the position to hire me were two of my best customers at the club who wanted constant table dances. But I digress....

I've given up the bad, fast life, but I still worked at a club as a bartender. It was an all black club, and I was the spot, but I did not care. I loved the people there, and felt at home despite my obvious difference. I thought my boss would fire me when he found out I was pregnant, but I told him anyway, and he was cool. His name was Bass- like the boom from the woofers! lol He was an amazing boss that I came to love very much, and who I believe cared about me and all of the people who worked there.

So there I was, a pregnant, single bartender at one of the most awesome clubs in the tri-state area. I actually had to audition to get the job! I was making more money at the club than at my full-time job, and good thing, because the real job I had went out of business. At the time, it was okay for me because I had roommates, my best friends, and we split the rent. Bryant and I had dated on and off for a few months after I met him at my full-time job, but it was nothing really serious. We saw each other every few weeks, and that was cool. Hey, I was pregnant, I wasn't dead, right? Hmm... that was to come later.

A couple months later, II moved to Headland, AL with my good friend, Eugene. I had about had it with living way out in B.F.E. {for those of you who are familiar with that term} He was a good kid, younger than I was, and sort of a country boy. Bryant, who I had dated on and off for a while, came around more than usual. He was really cool, though, and we had a blast together. He was just purely stupid, keeping me laughing all the time. However, all that laughter would soon turn into traumatic tears and  fear beyond my wildest imagination.......

Bryant realized that I was being pursued by other guys. {I have to admit that I was quite cute in those days, was a little..... premiscuous..... and lots of fun. I lost weight during the beginning of my pregnancy, and was probably about the smallest I'd been in my life when I was even seven months pregnant with my baby boy. Ok, I guess I was kind of hot- in a white trash sort of way, because let's face it, that's what I was then. I was pure white trash and if you'd given me a million dollars, it would have only made me wealthy white trash- might as well tell the truth, right?

Bryant moved in. He decided that he loved me and wanted me to be a one-man woman. I was cool with that. He gave up dealing drugs {I told you I was no angel, and neither was he} and moved in with me. We had a great time, and all was good, until something changed him into the monster that I had to run away from with everything I had. It would not be long until I knew what a horrible mistake I'd made letting him that close to me, and it was a mistake I almost paid for with our lives.

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