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 Where do we go when we are sad beyond belief? What happens when life as we knew it is over, and we are left trying to pick up the pieces and move on? What happens when we feel like this is the end?
After all my years of studying, there is only one common answer for these questions: we go to God. Who is God? He is all things that are good, like love, faith, kindness, and forgiveness. He is the only one who can get us through these times. He will listen, and he will never leave you. He will even tell you what to do, but we have to learn to listen to His voice. That is not such an easy task for some of us, but even for stubborn people like me, he will lead us down the right path.
Anything Worth Having is Difficult to Get
Life is not supposed to be easy. I wish it was. Every day, we face impossible decisions, and we always wonder what would have happened if we'd made the different choice. Well, God sees the consequences of both choices; He sees the whole movie, while we are only aware of the current scene. If we look to anyone to tell us what choice to make, shouldn't we look to the one who knows all the possible endings? Duh. It seems like a no-brainer, but it is not as easy as it sounds.
I have to believe in God; I'd be stupid not to.
Some ask me how I can believe that a God exists when I study the horrors of the world every day, but that is one reason why my faith is getting stronger. God refuses to force himself on us; he empowered us through free will. Do you want someone to love you because you made them love you, or because they just do? Do you want to force a person to be your friend and talk to you, or would you rather have a friend you really cares? Well, I think that is how God wants it, too. Therefore, people do evil things. People are thinking with human minds, seeing with human eyes, and understanding the world with a human intellect. God understands all with infinite wisdom, and even when it looks like he has forsaken his children, HE IS THERE. How many miracles have occurred in your life, yet you chose to pass them off as luck or coincidence?
Don't look for God in the sky, look for him in your heart; that is where he lives.

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