Life or Something Like It

Published on by Raven

So here I am....... after all this time. I moved to Arkansas in January, and life has went to hell from there. (not that it was too good back home either) I have moved to a place that has only one job I can do, no healthcare for adults awaiting disability decisions, and just nothing to do.

My life is in more turmoil than before, and I fear that I am losing touch with reality. That is the scariest thing about my current situation. What do you do when you just can't hold it together anymore? Scream? Cry? Die? Only the first two options for this girl, because regardless of what goes wrong, my little Justice makes every day worth living.

So, when a man fails to tell a woman that he is married when she asks him out, what does that mean? So, he still turns her down and says he is not interested, but why not just tell her he's married? Is this some dumb-ass man thing or what?

Who knows what lies ahead..... two classes left to graduate from college....... possibly my husband coming home?..... or possibly the end of all I know and the beginning of a brand new life. However, I am not ready for all that.

The only thing we can ever count on is change; sadly, change is not always for the better. I wish I could wake up tomorrow and the last year and a half would have just been an awful dream from which I could not wake.

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