My 1st Grader Suspended

Published on by Raven

So I get a phone call from my son's school this morning. He is a 7-year-old 1st grader. He is being suspended for a day for bringing a knife to school.  What? We do not own any pocket knives, so I was confused. Apparently, a little boy on the bus gave him a pocket knife on the way to school. He had it out to show to another student in class, and he got busted.
Of course, he had no malicious intent, but it was upsetting. I have talked to him about drugs, drinking, gangs, even cigarettes, but I have never talked to him about weapons. It never really crossed my mind. I did not imagine that another kid would give him a weapon anyway.
What a crazy world we live in... tell your kids about sex, drugs, alcohol, and WEAPONS! You don't want to be looking crazy when you go in to see the principal, too!
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