No Justice for Me

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Normally, I write about other people. I like to research murders, murderers, and people who are just off the beaten path that most of us ride daily. However, I was once a victim- actually, more than once- but almost lost my own life and my son on this one. Today, I found out that the man who did this to me HAS NOT SERVED ONE DAY IN PRISON. Not one day- not one hour- nothing. In fact, I believe him to be near where I am today, even though it's been seven years since he kidnapped me and almost killed me and my (unborn) son. Is this justice? Hell no.

Over the next few postings, I am going to take you down a dark path that was once my life. Yes, I brought a lot of things on myself, but I am pretty sure that my worst enemy wouldn't have wished this one on me. You will see me: the good, the bad, and the ugly. I have never been an angel, but only a truly evil person could deserve what I went through on July 12, 2002, and the weeks that led up to it. Now I am just damn angry that this person, Bryant Lee Chatman, has never paid with a minute of his life for the horror that still gives me panic attacks today after all this time.

If you want to follow this road with me, be prepared to hear some things that are not very pleasant. Maybe reading it is easier than actually hearing it, and will not evoke great emotion. Just know that it is still not easy to talk or write about, but justice is coming one way or another for this guy..... and I am about to bring it.



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