The Predator Next Door

Published on by Raven

All of us have heard of the BTK killer. His psychopathy spanned decades, although he took a very long break. Even after the media frenzy and the national headlines, most of us still did not realize what a monster this man, Dennis Rader, truly was. It is said that he once murdered someone on his lunch break, and came back to work as if nothing happened. Have you ever heard of a functional drug addict or alcoholic who can go on about his life like he has no problems? Well, Dennis Rader, a.k.a. the BTK killer, was just such a predator. A father, very active in his church and community, was the very man whom the whole country feared. On top of all that, when he finally confessed to his crimes, he spoke of murder, rape, and torture as if he was describing a trip to the grocery store. He played God. He had to be grander than anyone or anything around him. He was cunning, and deliberate in his methods. He was intelligent, and it was only his love of attention and his feeling of grandiosity that caused him to get caught. Otherwise, his fellow citizens would still be at his mercy..... at the mercy of the predator next door.

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